Team Secret Dominated ESL One Katowice 2019 Tournament

Posted by Paola Diego Tuesday, 26 February 2019, 4:38 in Esports

Does anyone have any formula to beat Secret? They showed to be unstoppable for the audience that saw them pull off a great game at the ESL One Katowice 2019. Team Secret took home the big prize of $125,000 and a brand new Mercedes, by showing an incredible performance in the Grand Finals versus Gambit Esports this Sunday in Poland.


The team is composed of Nisha, MidOne, Zai, Yapzor, and their Captain Puppey. This win is especially significant for Nisha, who is from Poland and had the chance to hold the trophy in front of his hometown fans. The team even turned down an invitation to MDL Macau 2019, which happened at the same time as Katowice. 

“We want Nisha to enjoy this Dota as much as he can. I would love for him to win a tournament at home, I know the feeling can be amazing, although I personally haven’t had it yet. So we decided to go to Katowice for him” Yapzor said in an interview.

It was a short, but spectacular final. After losing the first game in the group stage, Secret won the next sixteen maps in a row, including the three won on Sunday against Gambit.

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The Grand Final

In the first game against Secret, Gambit shown a solid start taking a fast lead. However, Nisha got at an Ultra Kill and Secret got the victory by storming into Gambit’s base.

The second game was the closest one between both teams. Team Secret dominated the field early in the game, with Yapzor’s Rubick and Zai’s Puck creating space for Nisha’s Troll Warlord and MidOne’s Vengeful Spirit. Gambit turned around an initiation by Team Secret into a 4 man wipe and tried to make the most of this advantage, but eventually Secret claimed a second victory.

In the last game, things didn’t look good for Gambit, Nisha was able to create a fast Battle Fury after MinOne’s Monkey King provided the space needed for it. After that, it was only a matter of time for Gambit to crumble. In frustration and desperation, Gambit scrambled all over the map, which only allowed Secret to get more Gold and XP. After a couple of amazing Black Holes by Zai’s Enigma, the future for Team Gambit was clear, they had no chance and Team Secret secured the third and last victory.

Team Secret showed an impressive display of skills. They achieved a new record in the history of Dota as the current team line up to became the roster with the highest LAN win rate. Secret is now one of the four teams at the league that has won an ESL One grand final with a 3-0.

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