Nike Jumps into Esports with Their First Sponsorship Deal

Posted by Cristian Aguilar Saturday, 2 March 2019, 0:25 in Esports

Nike is famous in the world of Sports. They have been, for decades, a staple in the world of sports sponsorships. Besides Nike, other companies like Adidas and Puma have already transitioned and adopted Esports’ sponsorships. Nike decided it was time to include Esports into its massive sponsorship wing. The company recently announced its first Esports’ sponsorship.


Nike has signed a sponsorship deal with China’s League of Legends Pro League. The sponsorship was agreed to be a 4-year term deal. As part of this agreement, Nike will supply clothing and footwear for all the Pro Player squads of the League starting this year. In addition to their merchandise and clothing, Nike aims to also provide technical support to the teams in the form of specialized training programs to help them achieve greater performance.

Nike said about their vision and their thoughts on Esports:

“Since its inception, Nike has always believed that in all sports, a strong body and will make athletes better,” “As China becomes a new e-sports cultural center, Nike is pleased to support the next generation of athletes and establish a long-term cooperative relationship with e-sports to contribute to the future development of sports ecology.”

A Late Arrival, But a Welcomed One

This is a great starting point for Nike, as the league has a total amount of 16 teams and one of the biggest followings in the world. In addition to team representation, fans will also be able to buy Nike products at the live events of the tournament.


Nike had previously dipped a bit into Esports waters before. Last year they signed an endorsement deal with RNU’s League of Legends player, Jian “Uzi” Zihao. This deal was to promote one of their products, LeBron James’ “Dribble &” campaign, and not aimed directly to Esports. The sponsorship with China’s League of Legends Pro League serves as the first official support from the company to Esports. With an albeit late arrival but a welcomed one, Nike now joins the ranks of Puma and Adidas in Esports support.