Hero 30th is finally here to shake things up

Posted by Paola Diego Thursday, 28 February 2019, 3:45 in Esports

Blizzard Studio has finally unveiled Baptiste, the hero 30th to join a growing list of Overwatch’s characters. A combat healer with a troubled past and a diverse set of abilities and weapons.

Source: Blizzard.com

Baptist Origin Story

He is a Haitian, and his real name is Jan-Baptiste Augustin, one of the 30 million children orphaned by the Omnic Crisis. At a young age, he enlisted for the Caribbean Coalition as a combat healer to help those in need. For unknown circumstances, Baptiste ends up joining Talon, a group of mercenaries. Putting money aside he came back to his hometown and set up a clinic to keep his mission of helping people.

Source: Blizzard.com

With time he discovered the brutality of Talon and left the group. But Talon couldn’t let him go and try to kill him. However, they were not able to kill him. Now he is a drifter going from place to place aiding those who need him around the world.


Regenerative Burst

He can activate an intense regenerative burst to heal himself and his allies. However, allies don’t need to stay by his side in order to continue receiving the benefits.

Amplification Matrix

It’s his ultimate ability it projects a matrix that double healing effect of allied projectiles that go through it, including allies ultimate ability. So a Firestrike could become a one-shot kill if it goes through the frame of the matrix.

Immortality field

One of the reason why everyone is talking about this hero, it feels overpowering in comparison to other Overwatch’s characters and it could be the most valuable non-ultimate ability the game so far.

It allows him to toss a device and create an Immortality Field. Anyone inside the field can’t drop below 20 percent health, and it heals those below 20 percent. The effects will last until the device gets destroyed.

Source: Blizzard.com

there is no doubt that Baptiste will be an interesting character and a challenge to the GOAT Meta-Structure, which is a composition of three tanks and three healers, at the moment this is a popular strategy in the overwatch Esport league.

However, Some fans hate GOAT because it can get confusing and boring if you don’t know what to look for in the middle of the fight.

Goodman revealed that Baptist was built to provide support players with new strategic options and gameplay to support their team and to appeal to players who might not play support often. However he doesn’t see Baptiste fitting well in the Goat Meta composition, this could be Blizzard showing discontent for this Meta composition in the league.