A New Dota Hero Will Rise from the Ashes of War: Mars

Posted by Nikko Guillano Friday, 1 March 2019, 8:12 in Esports

There’s one reason why Dota 2 and other MOBAs have a good amount of replayability. Even if you’re playing the same map over and over each game, the different varieties of heroes will keep you coming back for more. Not to mention the thrilling and heart-racing action from having different experiences each match – it’s definitely a roller coaster of emotions.

Dota 2 has seen a lot of changes happening lately – the current meta has always been changing so that appropriate counters and strategies can be met. New heroes like Grimstroke and Pangolier have changed the meta because they offer unique and fun skill.

But there’s a new hero looming in the horizon – with his shield and spear, he will be changing the meta as he rises from the ashes of war: Mars. How will Mars change the current gaming scene? Who is Mars? What does he have to offer as abilities?

Theories on the Lore

When it comes to the lore, SirActionSlacks, a caster of professional games and Dota 2 enthusiasts, theorized in his video that Mars is directly related to Legion Commander as well as other strength heroes. Slacks has also pointed out that since Mars is named after the Roman god of war, and one of the heroes (Zeus) is named after a Greek god; this could entail that there is a different pantheon of gods that are different from the Greek pantheon

Slacks also points out that the mountain that is located in the background of the featured image of the hero is somewhat related to the hero Magnus whose people has resided on that mountain.

In another Reddit thread that discusses on why we’re getting Mars and not Ares, TheMaverick427 says that “I think a clue is found in the Sundered Moon comic (the one where Zeus meets Arc Warden). In this comic Medusa asks Zeus if he has any children and he responds in an [unusual] and defensive manner. He claims that he has no children but the way he tries to deflect the question makes me think it [is] likely he does have at least one child but doesn’t want to talk about it or have it be public knowledge.

So who would this son or daughter be then? Well I believe it’s Ares. In normal Greek Mythology Ares is the son of Zeus and while Dota lore has differences to Greek Mythology, I think this is probably a connection they’ll keep. Zeus being so unwilling to talk about it hints that he had some sort of disagreement with his son.”

Although most of these claims on the lore haven’t been officially confirmed by Valve, most of the clues can definitely be seen from the official comics and the fluffs of the different heroes who are already in the roster. P

Predicted Mechanics

It’s difficult to determine how Mars will affect the current meta in professional Dota  and the current strategies that are being incorporated. Judging from the theme and the motif of the hero, Mars has a high chance of being a strength hero that will probably have a right-clicking DPS role as it goes hand-in-hand with his theme of weapon-usage and his muscular stocky build.  

According to Valve on their twitter post last January, when it comes to the release date of the hero: “The new ranked season is coming next week, and alongside it, a balance focused 7.21 patch. We are aiming to release Mars sometime between the end of February and early March.” However, Valve has not made any recent official statements on the hero.

How will Mars shape the current Meta of the community? Nobody has given a clear and extensive overview yet. But one thing’s for sure – once he does get released in the hero roster, people will definitely be picking this hero in their pub games!

What are your theories on what the new hero would look like? What do you think his roles will be? Let us know in the comment section!